All about the land

It’s 72 acres of rolling fields, hedgerows and pine woodlots, with a wetland and creek meandering through the farm down to the banks of the Saugeen River, including a low-lying wild island.

It was a traditional working farm with a yellow brick farmhouse built in 1883. The sandy loam soils were exhausted after decades of tillage, and most of the fields have been left fallow for years.

Now it is a permaculture homestead.

Our guiding principle is to protect and nourish the microbial life of the soil.

Healthy living soil is the key to raising fertility, holding rainwater, sequestering carbon, improving ecosystem health and resiliency – and supporting an abundance of. . .

Trees, shrubs, berries, vines


Annual and perennial vegetables

Grasses and wildflowers

Honeybees, wild native pollinators, other insects

Wild birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and mammals large and small

Pigs, poultry, rabbits, ruminants

Dogs, cats and people